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How do I use the advanced search?

Advanced search operators are query words or symbols that perform special actions in the tasks search. These operators allow you to find what you're looking for quickly and accurately. They can also be used to set up Smart Lists so you can organize your tasks automatically. Some of the most useful operators are listed below.

To use advanced operators, you can either type your query directly into the search box, or click on 'Show search options' underneath the search box.

Operator Definition Example Meaning
list: Used to specify list name. list:Work
list:"Bob's Homework"
Tasks in Work list.
Tasks in Bob's Homework list.
priority: Used to specify priority. priority:1
Tasks with priority 1.
Tasks with no priority.
status: Used to specify task status. status:completed
Tasks that have been completed.
Tasks that are incomplete.
tag: Used to specify tag. tag:bananas Tasks tagged with bananas.
tagContains: Used to specify a partial tag. tagContains:project Tasks where the tag contains project.
isTagged: Used to specify whether a task is tagged. isTagged:true Tasks that have been tagged.
location: Used to specify location. location:work Tasks located at work.
locatedWithin: Used to specify tasks within a particular distance of the current location. This operator is only supported in the Android and iPhone apps. locatedWithin:"3 km"
locatedWithin:"1.5 miles"
locatedWithin:"300 ft"
Tasks located within specified distance.
isLocated: Used to specify whether a task has a location. isLocated:true Tasks that have locations.
isRepeating: Used to specify whether a task is repeating. isRepeating:true Tasks that repeat.
name: Used to specify task name. name:phone Tasks containing phone.
noteContains: Used to specify note contents. noteContains:monkey Tasks with notes containing monkey.
hasNotes: Used to specify whether a task has notes. hasNotes:true Tasks that have notes.
due: Used to specify due date. due:tomorrow
Tasks due tomorrow.
Tasks due yesterday.
Tasks with no due date.
dueBefore: Used to specify due before date. dueBefore:today
Tasks due before today (i.e. overdue).
Tasks due before the current time (i.e. overdue including tasks from earlier today).
dueAfter: Used to specify due after date. dueAfter:sunday Tasks due after Sunday.
dueWithin: Used to specify due within date. dueWithin:"1 week of today" Tasks due within one week.
completed: Used to specify completed date. completed:today Tasks completed today.
completedBefore: Used to specify completed before date. completedBefore:1/1/2011 Tasks completed before 2011.
completedAfter: Used to specify completed after date. completedAfter:31/12/2010 Tasks completed from the start of 2011.
completedWithin: Used to specify completed within date. completedWithin:"1 week of today" Tasks completed in the past week.
added: Used to specify added date. added:today Tasks added today.
addedBefore: Used to specify added before date. addedBefore:1/1/2011 Tasks added before 2011.
addedAfter: Used to specify added after date. addedAfter:31/12/2010 Tasks added from the start of 2011.
addedWithin: Used to specify added within date. addedWithin:"3 months of today" Tasks added in the past 3 months.
timeEstimate: Used to specify time estimate. timeEstimate:"1 hour"
timeEstimate:"> 1 hour"
timeEstimate:"< 1 hour"
Tasks with a time estimate: equal to, greater than, and less than 1 hour.
postponed: Used to specify number of times the task has been postponed. postponed:3
postponed:"> 3"
postponed:"< 3"
Tasks that have been postponed: exactly, more than, and less than 3 times.
isShared: Used to specify whether a task is shared. isShared:true Tasks that are shared with someone.
sharedWith: Used to specify who a task is shared with. sharedWith:bobtmonkey Tasks that are shared with user bobtmonkey.
isReceived: Used to specify whether a task has been received. isReceived:true Tasks that have been received from someone.
to: Used to specify who a task has been sent to. to:bobtmonkey Tasks that have been sent to bobtmonkey.
from: Used to specify who a task has been received from. from:bobtmonkey Tasks that have been received from bobtmonkey.
includeArchived: Whether to include archived lists in the search. This operator is not supported in the Android, iPhone, or iPad apps. includeArchived:true Tasks in archived lists are included.
AND Search for tasks matching term A and term B. priority:1 AND tag:bananas Tasks with priority 1 and tagged with bananas.
OR Search for tasks matching term A or term B. priority:1 OR priority:2 Tasks with priority 1 or with priority 2.
NOT Used to exclude tasks from your search. tag:bananas NOT tag:apples Tasks tagged with bananas but not with apples.
" " (quotes) Used to search for an exact phrase. name:"TPS report" Tasks containing the phrase TPS report.
( ) Used to group search terms. priority:1 AND (tag:bananas OR tag:apples) Tasks with priority 1 and tagged with either bananas or apples.

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