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What format can I enter repeat intervals in?

There are two types of repeating tasks.

Repeat 'Every...'

These tasks repeat every time, whether you complete them or not.

For example, Bob wants to be reminded to pay the rent (on his waterfront apartment, which costs far too much, but the view is great!). So, he adds a task and sets it to repeat 'Every Week'.

Examples of ways you can repeat 'Every' are:

Every Tuesday
Every Monday and Wednesday
Every weekday
Every day
Every week
Every 2 weeks
Every month
Every 6 months
Every year
Every month on the 4th
Every month on the 3rd Tuesday
Every month on the last Monday
Every month on the 2nd last Friday
Every week until 1/1/2007
Every week for 20 times

Repeat 'After...'

These tasks only repeat after you've completed them. For example, you might enter a task to 'Clean the fridge'. After you've completed that task, you might want to be reminded 'After 3 months' that it's time to clean the fridge again.

Examples of ways you can repeat 'After' are:

After 5 days
After a week
After 6 months
After a year

A note about task properties

Task properties behave a bit differently between tasks set to repeat 'Every...' and those set to repeat 'After...'.

Tasks that repeat 'Every' create a task series: task properties and notes are common across all instances of the task.

Tasks that repeat 'After' work a bit differently: these do not create a task series, but rather create a new, independent task each time a task is generated. Task properties are copied from the previous instance. Each 'after' task has its own properties and notes, and isn't tied to other tasks. Additionally, notes are not copied from previous instances.

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