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We has avatars

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Regular forum visitors might have noticed a new addition over the weekend: avatars. :)

It should make it a little bit easier to visually follow conversations and different forum posters.

If you'd like an avatar (and who wouldn't?!), just click on "Change your picture" on the top right of the forum while you're logged in to add to your pic.

Posted at 3:14am on March 15, 2010

action.manager Pro says:

Yes, I had already noticed. Nice!

One step closer to a full-fledged forum?

Posted 4 years ago

leah.shalomPower Poster says:

Emily, Bob and everyone at RTM,

Nice idea.


Posted 4 years ago

ab (Remember The Milk) says:

What icon does Ab use when he's testing?


Posted 4 years ago

lemayp Pro says:


Posted 4 years ago

scotto says:

Ooohhh Yeahhh...

Posted 4 years ago

cormicz Pro says:

Cool my WeeMee gets another outing

Posted 4 years ago

milkiglo Pro says:

I like it!

Posted 4 years ago

hadzijo Pro says:

thanks! now I feel like a real boy :-)

Posted 4 years ago

astaines says:

What about support for gravatars?
(Globally recognized avatars)
See http://en.gravatar.com/ for details.

Posted 4 years ago

jayedgar says:

Very nice.

Posted 4 years ago

mickeypr Pro says:

We HAVE avatars.....

Posted 4 years ago

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