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Translation of documents

yesil says:


Is there any plan for adding rest of the site (documentation part) to be translated?

I know it's huge, but with such a tranlation power it seems possible. Fully translated RTM would rock! :)

Posted at 7:53pm on June 17, 2006

adamus says:

There are such plans, indeed.

Posted 8 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

This is definitely something that we'll look at doing once the main translations are complete -- we plan to at least have a 'getting started with Remember The Milk' guide that can be translated into each language. If people would like to translate the help section (there's a lot of pages!), we can possibly add that too.

Posted 8 years ago

adamus says:

I'd like too :-D

Posted 8 years ago

sen.ye says:

Me too, to Simplified Chinese.

Posted 8 years ago

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