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Improvements to the Portuguese (Portugal) translation and to the translation interface

mmsequeira says:

The Portuguese (Portugal) translation is very inconsistent. I'm trying to fix it, but the translation interface is not helping. I love everything about RTM, especially its streamlined interface! It would be great if the same principles were applied to the translation interface. Ideally:
* One should be able to translate without leaving the page with the rest of the terms, so as to improve consistency of translation.
* One should be able to see and modify its own translation even before approval. This also improves consistency.
* It is is very painful to have to justify each translation.
* It might be better to have a notes or discussion field for each term, so that one might state the reasons for each translation or warn about consistency issues in case someone want's to change the translation.
* Maybe some voting mechanism might by used to influence the choice of alternative translations.

Posted at 3:10pm on February 1, 2010

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