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translation error of "add a new task"(traditional Chinese)

hentai0825 says:

the "add a new task" term in RTH shows "新增一個代辦事項" as it's traditional Chinese translation. It's more like a Chinese character typo as I see. This typo goes to the meaning of "add a new task worked by/for others."
I would suggest it's Chinese translation as follow: "新增一個待辦事項", and it stands much more for the meaning of "add a new task (await to work)."

Posted at 8:55pm on January 1, 2010

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Thanks for reporting this; I've added it to our list to investigate.

Posted 4 years ago says:

Current translation is wrong, instead of typo. Please fix it ASAP. It's the word Taiwan/Hong Kong user sees everyday.

I have the same suggestion and I was a globalization engineer in large corp. I am also a heavy user of RTM.

Posted 4 years ago says:

BTW the perfered translation is "新增待辦事項".

Posted 4 years ago

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