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German translation - Reminder settings

gramatke Pro says:

Hi everybody,

the second set of settings for reminders is confusing because it says "Falls die Aufgabe ein Fälligkeitsdatum hat, erinnere mich...". But the German word "Fälligkeitsdatum" describes a DATE - not a time.

A better translation would be: "Fälligkeitszeitpunkt" or even "Falls die Aufgabe zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt fällig ist, erinnere mich...".

The next line should then start with a small "zu" and end with a full stop.

Btw. all lines after the checkboxes should end in a full stop.

Best regards,

Posted at 4:14pm on January 12, 2009

gramatke Pro says:

Hm, obviously nobody is interested in getting feedback for the translations ...

Posted 5 years ago

raymond.bergmark ProPower Poster says:

Obviously, you have not yet entered the mighty rank of translator here at RTM. If you would, you could have fixed this error yourself. Maybe there are even more translations that need to be fixed ;-)

Posted 5 years ago

gramatke Pro says:

That's right, I'm not a translator. But I have been asked by arvid from RTM to submit a request on this issue in this forum. This is what I did. When somebody from RTM asks me to submit a request, you might think, that somebody will look after this.

But nobody cares.

The wrong translations are not a big issue for me, but it feels a little bit strange in regard to customer support, that nothing happens after you have been asked to submit a request.

Posted 5 years ago

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