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emily (Remember The Milk) says:

RTM is now available in Albanian, Catalan, Esperanto, Lithuanian, Norwegian (Nynorsk), Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

A huge thank you to all the translators who helped to make this possible!! :)

More details in this blog post.

This means that all languages that are 100% translated are now available on the site, with the exception of one (unfortunately Hebrew isn't available just yet as we are still working on right-to-left language support).

Posted at 12:53pm on December 13, 2008

chiisana says:

I'm not a native Japanese speaker, but the AJAX message for number of tasks have been moved to another folder seems incorrect for the Japanese translation.

Currently, when I move 5 tasks from personal to study, it says:
タスク5を"個人"から"勉強"に移動しました。 とりけす

That actually translates back to:
Task 5 is moved from "personal" to "study". Undo

Two things that are dangling for me:
1) Task 5 should probably be phrased with a counter, so maybe something like 5つタスク instead of タスク5, or something along those lines.
2) Dangling Undo with no punctuation. I know it kind of works, and is nothing major, but it seems kind of dangling. Maybe decorate it to look like a button (IE: put a "pill" image behind it) so it doesn't dangle?

Hope that helps :)

Posted 5 years ago

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