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A warm, fuzzy feeling

hendrik.achenbach says:

On the info page about the pro accounts, one of the benefits mentioned is "a warm, fuzzy feeling for supporting Remember the Milk".

I'd like to suggest a different German translation. I am registered for the German translation program (even have a track record of two translations; yeah, I know, the others were always faster).

I've been trying to find this string in the translation environment. When I go in via Start Translating, only two categories make sense:

- Interface
- Main Site

I could not find the string in those categories via "Edit existing translations". I used the full text search in Firefox on the pages which contain the actual translations (and searched for "warm", "fuzzy", and "feeling").

Looks like I'm doing something wrong ...


Posted at 11:27pm on November 4, 2008

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi Hendrik,

Sorry for the delay. Hmm, I'll check this out -- not sure why that part isn't showing in the translation system.

In the meantime, if you'd like to let me know the correction via the forum, I can get this fixed up. :)

Thanks for your help!

Posted 5 years ago

hendrik.achenbach says:

Hi Emily,

I think an idiomatic German translation of "a warm, fuzzy feeling" would be: "Ein wohliges Gefühl".

I just noticed that the rest of the phrase is also not very well translated, so the whole thing should read:

Ein wohliges Gefühl
weil Sie RTM unterstützen


Posted 5 years ago

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