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Catalan translation needs full revision

vicentginer says:

I've been recently modifying some sentences in the Catalan-Valencian version.

I think it's a hard task, and RTM Team should ask for "official" and qualified help to AVL (, IEC (, Termcat ( and SoftCatalà (, among others.

There are some issues to take into account:

- The current quality of the Catalan translation for RTM is not good, as there are some strong incoherences (different words for the same English concept, use of both infinitive and present tenses for expressing an action to be taken, etc.). There are even some sentences in Spanish!

- Dual translations for Catalan vs Valencian versions: "Avui / Hui" (for "Today"), "Sortir / Eixir" (for "Exit") and "aquesta / esta" (for "this"), among others, should be considered. I think it's important to take this into account. Catalan-Valencian is not only for Catalonia. There are also Valencian-Catalan speakers and users in Valencia (see

Posted at 10:58pm on October 4, 2008

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