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Any Finns actively working on translations?

mlrd says:


Are there any other Finns currently working on the Finnish translation?

I started work today and I'm in good progress on the remaining phrases. I intend to keep working until we reach 100% but there are several phrases I'd like to retranslate to make the UI more readable and streamlined (for example translate all references to Contacts as "Kontaktit" instead of the rather long and clumsy "Yhteyshenkilöt", "Yhteystiedot" etc.)

If there are other Finns actively working on this I don't want to step on any toes or start making changes to your work based on my preferences. Perhaps we could work together here to find a consensus on some of the terms. Some phrases as they are used in the UI are really hard to fit to Finnish and there are several ways to compromise, each with their pros and cons.

If I'm the only one currently working on this I guess I'll translate the rest of the phrases based on the terminology already set by others and then get back to that to review and streamline the translation.

Posted at 8:39pm on September 3, 2007

ramchester says:

I'm not translating my own version, but i'd like to help with proof-reading and/or translation.

Posted 7 years ago

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