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"next Friday" / "in 2 weeks" -- to translate or not to translate?

timsk says:

Apparently users can given deadlines for tasks in natural language, e.g. by typing "next Friday" instead of having to click on a date in a calendar.

That's very good, but does it translate? Can I type "venontvendrede" or "post du semajnoj" and expect the same results? (I'm guessing that the language parser isn't *very* sophisticated, so may be translatable, but would probably require someone with some technical knowledge rather than just linguistic knowledge. Oh, hang on, I've got a Masters in Computational Linguistics -- I could have a look...)

Either way, this question still needs some kind of answer:
-- if the parser can/does work in other languages, then please let us know, so that we know to translate "next Friday" etc.
-- if, as I suspect is the case, it's English only, then this phrase should be removed from translated interfaces, since it's of no interest to users of other language versions of the site.


Posted at 10:07pm on August 23, 2007

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

timsk, we develop parsing for each language once the translation is complete (we currently have natural language parsing for 20+ languages). So yes, please translate these phrases :) Thanks for your help!

Posted 7 years ago

timsk says:

Ooh, I'm impressed. :o) My translation is coming on apace, although I'm having to spend quite a bit of time correcting what's already there. Getting there though...



Posted 6 years ago

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