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Dutch title

arrawn says:

Hi, when logged on to RTM, the browser title lists "Remember The Milk - Firstname Taken", because that's the page title in the HTML I guess.

At first I was confused, thinking that RTM somehow messed up my profile and replaced my lastname with "Taken", until it dawned to me that taken meant tasks. (that took a few moments as I thought of RTM as a todo list rather than task list ;)

The confusion is there because the title is wrong -- it should be "Firstname's Taken", just as in English, as one of the very few remainders of a genitive in Dutch.

Same issue shows on the atom feed, by the way.

Posted at 8:56am on July 6, 2007

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

arrawn, thanks for letting us know -- we'll fix this up.

Posted 7 years ago

klaasdepoel Pro says:

Small correction: in Dutch the genitive is not exactly the same as in English.

-In my case it should be Klaas' Taken
-In case of Emily is should be Emily's Taken
-And in case of Arrawn it should be Arrawns Taken (this one is the major exeption).

See wikipedia entry on logic.

One general workaround would be to swith the words and adding 'van':
-Taken van Klaas
-Taken van Emily
-Taken van Arrawn
always the same. maybe better / easier?

Posted 7 years ago

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