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Norwegian "today" problem - seems to be a bit different from the Latvian one

henrikba Pro says:

Just reviewed the post by didzis.spruds on Latvian "today". I have a "same-same, but different" issue with Norwegian.

Norwegian strings: today -> "I dag", tomorrow "I morgen".

* add "Pick up milk ^I dag"
* the string "I dag" appears on top in dropdown when I enter ^

* Task "Pick up milk" w/due-date today added.

* Task added: "Pick up milk ^I dag", due-date: none

* Use English - that works
* Use mobile/iOS - both Android and iOS in Norwegian handles the string with space and all ("I dag") correctly, and the due-date is set as expected.

Posted at 8:43pm on April 18, 2013

brendan Pro says:

Hi henrikba,
I wanted to let you know that this has been added to our list to investigate. Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing in the meantime.

Thanks for reporting this.

Posted 1 year ago

henrikba Pro says:

Thanks :)
One more workaround I found; instead of switching locale in RTM to English, it also works great to just type "Pick up milk ^today" - the task is added with correct due date, and the UI now shows the correctly localized "I dag" as due date.

Posted 1 year ago

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