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Small UX-improvement on localization interface (might reduce workload for RTM-editors doing manual verification as well)

henrikba Pro says:

I'll admit I'm not very consitent when working on localizations, but the UX for doing improvements (edits) of existing localizations makes it difficult to keep track of what I've done vs. what's not touched (by me) yet. Guess this is due to the manual edit/proofing of suggestions to edited strings.

Would it be possible to add a small asterisk/note or even my suggested string for the ones I've edited in the list of strings? That way I can avoid submitting the same fix several times.

I usually find something to fix, then try to search for similar errors to make the strings file consistent. However, when I have submitted, there is nowhere for me to see what I've actually edited. In the "Edit your previously submitted translations", only new strings are listed.


Posted at 12:27pm on April 12, 2013

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi Henrik,
Thanks for your feedback; we appreciate it, and your contributions to the translations! :)

I'll pass your idea on to the development team for review. Thanks again!

Posted 1 year ago

henrikba Pro says:

Thanks :)

Posted 1 year ago

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