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[RU] Article translation

sausryqua says:

I know it's very difficult but I need your help to translate this article: http://www.abazashta.ru/index.php?go=Pages&in=view&id=27 into english I can help you with turkish translation too.

Posted at 10:34am on February 6, 2007

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

sausryqua, this forum is for volunteers helping to translate Remember The Milk into other languages through our online translation program.

If you're looking to exchange translation services, I'd recommend checking out websites such as Cucumis, which allow you to exchange translation services in one language for translation in another language.

Hope this helps!

Posted 7 years ago

sausryqua says:

Oh sorry lack of reading:(Thank you for your recomendation it will be helpful:)

Posted 7 years ago

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