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Time estimate is not recognized for Korean

trustin says:


Thanks for including Korean, first of all. The translation process was very smooth. I had no difficulty at all.

I found one problem though. 'Time estimate' field is not recognized at all. I typed '30분', but it is saying that it's malformed. '30 분' doesn't work either. It should be recognized as '30 minutes'.

One more suggestion, Korean has very complex spacing rules between words. Words can be combined with each other and then spaces are removed. Because of this, I think the date/time format recognizer should be able to recognize date and time with difference spacing. (i.e. 30분 = 30 분, 일주일뒤 = 일주일 뒤) Removing all spaces and matching intelligently could be a solution.

Posted at 5:39am on October 25, 2006

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Trustin, thanks for letting us know -- we'll check out the time estimate field and fix this issue.

We should be able to support entry with variable spacing (I think we're doing this for some of the other languages too) -- we can improve our Korean support to handle this.

If there are any other formats that you think we should support, please let us know. Thanks for your help :)

Posted 7 years ago

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