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Bug in norwegian (today)

henrik.aanensen Pro says:


Its a bug in the norwegian version with the Smart Add Due Date for today = I dag

When taging a new task with due date ^I dag (it will autocorrrect to "I dag" with space), it will not set a duedate.
But when I correct it to ("Idag" without space) then its works ok with due date today.

"Remember to get cold milk ^I dag" - Not ok, but this is what the list is suggesting.
"Remember to get cold milk ^Idag" - Works fine

Is ti possible to get this fixed?

Posted at 12:18pm on April 20, 2010

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Thanks for reporting this; I've added it to our list to investigate.

Posted 4 years ago

henrik.aanensen Pro says:


Posted 4 years ago

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