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"Floating" Details Box

r00k says:

Hello All,

There's a box to the right of my screen that sloooowly floats into place each time I scroll. Every time this happens, I get this mental feeling that your application is sloooowly catching up to the section I just snapped to: "whoa there buddy, don't be scrolling so FAST!"

I would LOVE the ability to toggle that behavior on and off.


Posted at 3:06am on July 29, 2008

r00k says:

This is in the WRONG place. Sorry!

I've reposted this in the correct place now.

Posted 7 years ago

keyles says:

Where did the post go? I have the same issue and would love to turn off the floater....

Posted 7 years ago

jonathan.hardwick says:

If you're using Firefox, you can install a Greasemonkey script to disable the floating behavior: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/7825

(To get Greasemonkey itself, go to Tools->Addons->Get Addons, and search for Greasemonkey)

Posted 7 years ago

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