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iGoogle Gadget URL Field Link

bdeitric says:

I ***LOVE*** the interface of the iGoogle gadget. Very straightforward, fast, and useable. Put it in the Firefox sidebar and you have always up access to RTM.

One thing that would be simple to implement and would add even a bit more to the ease of use would be to provide a link from the main view to the "URL" field address. For example, if a task's url field is populated, add a small image next to the priority box (a standard chain link image perhaps) where when you clicked on it, it would open the link specified in the url field in a new window/tab.

Thanks for the great app!!!


Posted at 7:38pm on June 16, 2008

bdeitric says:

Accidentally posted this to the wrong forum. Am reposting it to the Ideas forum.

Posted 7 years ago

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