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Display All Tasks

stubenberg says:

Is there a way to make RTM display all tasks on one page? "Remember the Cat" (on the iPhone) can do that, and it is quite a useful feature.

Posted at 2:06am on June 4, 2008

raymond.bergmark ProPower Poster says:

Enter nothing in the search box and hit Enter - you get all your incomplete tasks at once.

Posted 7 years ago

stevewhitaker says:

I've been using the "enter in the search box trick," but there really should be a way to quickly display all tasks. I'd even be okay with a separate tab, or a toggle in the inbox.

Great work on RTM, guys.

Posted 7 years ago

srtech says:

Steve: You can do as rajjan suggested, and then save the search results as a SmartList. Then you'll have a tab that will show all tasks.

Posted 7 years ago

rondew says:

srtech, you're rock! it's what i need. don't know about smart lists before.

Posted 7 years ago

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