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Print a task list including notes.

kroon says:

Currently it is not possible to print a task list including notes. If I select multiple tasks, and switch to multi-edit mode, then go to the Notes tab, and click Print, then only one task (typically the last) appears in the print window.

Feature request: allow printing of multiple tasks with notes.

Posted at 4:24pm on November 19, 2007

jsstevenson says:

Here here!! This is exactly the feature I am searching for.

This would be an excellent refinement of RTM!

Posted 8 years ago

dloquercio says:

That would be an excellent addition indeed!

Posted 7 years ago

raymond.bergmark ProPower Poster says:

Hate to tell you: This is not the place for feature requests, use Help/Ideas instead.

This IS the place for sharing smart things you use and want to tell the rest of the world (as long as it's RTM).

Posted 7 years ago

carib says:

Reading is fundamental:-)

Posted 7 years ago

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