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Text Size

ladymarie says:

maybe the information to this question is here somewhere but I just can't find it. However is there any way at all to increase the text size of this site ? At this size it is a great "product" but just not usable for me. I have tried changing the size via View on IE but that does nothing. Any clues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Posted at 9:13am on October 29, 2007

raymond.bergmark ProPower Poster says:

If you use Firefox, you can use Stylish in order to change the layout of for example RTM.
Some RTM scripts can be found at Userstyles.org, you'll probably like Remember The Milk - bigger text, no cow

Posted 8 years ago

graham.reeds Pro says:

Or press ctrl & + to increase the size of the text in FF (I think the same works in IE).

Posted 8 years ago

davtchev says:

How can you increase text size in the blackberry browser? Ideally, just for this app?

Posted 8 years ago

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