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rmartin75013 Pro says:

This would help me view more of my information on a single screen

Posted at 11:12pm on September 4, 2007

sejjiin says:


Posted 8 years ago

johnfoland Pro says:

Here is the script for Greasemonkey mentioned in the post sejjin refers to.

Posted 8 years ago

quepol says:

that's actually a stylish script. similar to greasemonkey, but a different extension. however, if you're already using greasemonkey, just click the "Load as user script" button.

personally, i prefer the stylish script so i can easily tweak the css. :)

Posted 8 years ago

johnfoland Pro says:

Yes, it is Stylish script. I prefer Greasemonkey though because I already use it for other things and don't see the point of loading another extension.

Can you edit the CSS more easily with Stylish than Greasemonkey?

Also, if anyone is looking for an easy way to learn the RTM keyboard shortcuts, this style by margin is awesome!

Posted 8 years ago

raymond.bergmark ProPower Poster says:

Finally RTM is getting wide! Using Remember The Milk TinyHeader and Remember The Milk widely(1200px) it's quite possible to show a lot of information at once:

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Full sized picture: http://item.slide.com/r/1/262/i/XH2FbhaD3j_IKJANH5oCqYk-Lea29SDP/

These stylish scripts can be found at http://userstyles.org/

Posted 8 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

Thank you, Jkalvin, to the pointer for the script that displays the shortcuts. So handy.

Posted 8 years ago

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