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Remember The Milk as a CRM Tool

gdayross says:

Hi. I have been using RTM as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. I have used other paid CRM's in the past but when I started using RTM, the flexibility of being able to create your own tabs meant than I could create a CRM with my own headings.

I have found this much more flexible than dedicated CRM tools where you use the pre-set field names. So more flexibility and less expense with my CRM managment. Thanks RTM.

Ross Freiberg.

Posted at 12:35am on December 12, 2013

mehardin Pro says:

I'd like to see and hear more about how you set this up. Sounds great.

Posted 12 months ago

james.scerbo Pro says:

I concur! I keep seeing the article by sunjana1 posted on the Help section but it does not really fit my needs.

How are you organizing the RTM procedures?

Posted 11 months ago

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