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Easy tip on adding tasks with IFTTT via email

aviskas says:

IFTTT is a very powerful tool, but has some "drawbacks". For example, I have recipe which add every article from Feedly tagged as "story". Of course, you can use one line add via import email, for example in the body:
{{ArticleTitle}} ^today #Self-development #reading #stories {{ArticleURL}}

But it's not very much self-describing and if you want to change something you should recall all RTM shortcuts. So, my variant uses another pattern, where subject is task name {{ArticleTitle}} and in the email body:
Due: today<br>
List: Self-development<br>
Tags: reading story<br>
URL: {{ArticleURL}}

See these <br>? They a very important! Without <br> IFTTT will send email with one-line body and your task will be added incorrectly.

Posted at 12:59pm on November 18, 2013

raymond.bergmark ProPower Poster says:

IFTTT is really cool, I agree!

Posted 2 years ago

pachela says:

I also have several IFTTT recipes that feed into RTM. I find it very useful.

Posted 2 years ago

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