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RTM as project management

werru says:

Hello I have a tips that possible may help.

I'm using RTM for my work mostly as GTD system, but sometime as project management too.
I have mini projects that are repeated. Ordinary only name of the customer is changed. And I created some default project that consist of 10-15 tasks with tag default_project_type1 ( I have several types). Then my work gives me project I do the list below
- find default_project with appropriate set of task
- select all task (link before the tasks list)
- duplicate all selected
- only duplicated task are selected. Rename tag for copied task from default_project for example to client's name.
- check tasks and correct some details
- and you on a go!

Posted at 5:26am on June 13, 2013

bluesgeek says:

Great idea! Thanks. I've been using a single task template set up with default notes to manage the individual tasks, but I like your approach better.

Posted 2 years ago

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