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Track Small Reimbursements

chrisstreeter says:

Whenever someone owes me money (I buy movie tickets, concert tickets, pay a house bill), I create a new task with a 1 week due date and a tag of #owe along with how much and who owes it in the title. Then, if I were to forget that person X owes me money before then, I am reminded and I can gently remind them, while postponing the due date.

This also lets me see who is notoriously late at paying back bills with the search: tag:owe AND postponed:"> 10"

Posted at 11:52pm on November 22, 2010

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi chrisstreeter,

Great tip -- I just wanted to let you know that you're this week's Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner. We've upgraded your RTM account to have a free year of Pro. :)

Posted 4 years ago

chrisstreeter says:

Awesome! Thanks emily!

Posted 4 years ago

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