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Adding Tasks Via Text Message

sandiegan says:
So you don't have a smartphone - big whoop. It's still possible to remember "Oh, I have to do ____" and add it to RTM without having to write it down for later using text messages. Here's how to do it:

1. Create a Twitter account (if you don't already have one)
2. Add it to the box at this page:
3. Follow @rtm (
4. When @rtm follows you back, send the following tweet with the code given to you on the services page "d rtm ".
5. Set up your mobile phone with twitter so that you can update your status via text mesasge.

Now you can easily add tasks to Remember The Milk via your cell, all through texts! See the different ways to add lists, tags, due dates, and other fields at

Posted at 12:52pm on April 20, 2010
rusharound says:
...and if you do happen to have a smartphone, you can use any of the voice-to-twitter apps to do the workflow you recommend and have a voice-generated task. Handy!
Posted 6 years ago
di2x says:
Great tips, I used this too :)
I try to get reminder from SMS directly (not from twitter) but too bad my country wasn't listed.
Then I try to get reminder from Yahoo Messenger via SMS that supported by my GSM Provider, but it didn't work too because I can't add rtmremind as my friend.
Posted 5 years ago
greatsaintlouis says:
I've seen several posts with variations on this topic ("How can I submit a task via SMS?" etc.) and every one of them suggests using Twitter. As it stands I can send short emails from my (non-smart)phone and have them show up in my inbox, but the lack of a subject line in my SMS messages means that the information is just sent as a note in an otherwise date-less, subject-less message appearing in my RTM inbox. Are there any solutions that DON'T require the use of Twitter as an intermediary? I really don't care to sign up just to have them forward and properly transpose my text messages, especially since I have no problems adding appointments to my Google Calendar account via SMS and having them filed properly by time, date, etc.

It sounds trivial, but this could really make or break RTM for me. I love its method of organizing tasks and reminder format, but most of my tasks are going to be added from a mobile phone, and if I have to go back and properly file each one at the end of the day, its really no more helpful then just sending a SMS to myself. Google Calendar isn't really designed for task management, but being able to add appointments from my mobile without having to bother with any other services is really worth the difference. I hope there's some poorly-documented RTM feature that allows for this as well.
Posted 5 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
If you're able to use email, you can use the Import address (see the last heading on our Email page) to send tasks in the body (and you can set the list otherwise also if you'd like).

Also, we'd like to think that's not poorly-documented, but let us know if anything is unclear! :)

Hope this helps!
Posted 5 years ago
greatsaintlouis says:
Thanks for the tip; I wasn't really sure what that Import address was to be used for, and being able to specify the task in the body should get around the issue I was running into before. I did a brief search of help topics but was only looking for anything pertaining to SMS, so I naturally skipped right over this tidbit.

However, any attempt at submitting a task from my phone to the import address is met a few seconds later with a return message: "Your MSG could not be DELIVERED because InvalidPduContent." Not sure what that means, but I think I'm starting to make this too complicated. :(
Posted 5 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Unfortunately, that sounds like something you may want to take up with your provider. (There are some things to try that come up in various discussions about this on the internet, but it's not clear that there's a single solution.) It seems to be something in the process of "translating" the SMS to an email message before being sent to RTM.

Hope this helps!
Posted 5 years ago
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