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New hyperlinks in Outlook tasks disappear when synced w. RTMderrek.cooper33 years ago
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New Locations in Outlooked.walker13 years ago
New Ruins tasks with start datedrobins933 years ago
New Sync doesn't work w Blackberrykevinbartus113 years ago
New Syncing with Multiple Computerserica.cavazos23 years ago
New Out of Synch - Outlook recurring tasks.rick.schaefer13 years ago
New List dont show in Outlookfranky9913 years ago
New Hide sync screen in MilkSync for Windows Mobileed.walker13 years ago
New Milksync won't startjeremynlso253 years ago
New Any way to get Milksync for Outlook to sync with custom fieldsapastuszak13 years ago
New Microsoft 365jghousley33 years ago
New Exchange 'in the cloud'twiz99913 years ago
New Milk Sync won't exclude unselected listsspokice13 years ago

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