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New Message "MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook - Temporarily Unavailable"gord.tomlin12 years ago
New MS 1.0.23 : Outlook categories reset and weird syncingwebabar32 years ago
New No lists on blackberry??!!kkhalil7612 years ago
New Closed user grouprajnikanth12 years ago
New repeating events duplicatedclziegler12 years ago
New Tasks entered in Outlook do not sync to RTMaaron.torgerson442 years ago
New outlook mail marked followupmauro.crovato12 years ago
New Auto update bug?ed.erickson13 years ago
New Outlook and RTM not syncing both waysaxma55113 years ago
New hyperlinks in Outlook tasks disappear when synced w. RTMderrek.cooper33 years ago
New Outlook Milksync Inbox category not syncingtjasper23 years ago
New Milc Sync does not send new Category from Outlook to RTMdenny54633 years ago
New Can't enable MilkSync add-inn in Outlook 2007pennsyltuckian33 years ago
New MilkSync not syncing with Outlookmichemac73 years ago
New Locations in Outlooked.walker13 years ago

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