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Problems with using milk sync on windows 8 -64 bit / Outlook 2013

michaela_ott says:


- please excuse my bad english, i try my very best -

I have a sony tap with win 8 (64 bit version) - and outlook 2013 - and milk sync does not funcitoned - new lists didnt sync, new tasks from outlook to rtm only sometimes and not all...

I often read to start Milk Sync Options with a click with right mouse key - that doesnt functioned...

Can You help me?

Thanks an best regards,

M. Ott

Posted at 9:34pm on January 23, 2014

michaela_ott says:

so...now a am a few steps furhter....i can start the options...but the problems are the same...in the log everything seems okay...but it doesnt functioned...


Posted 9 months ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi michaela_ott,
Sorry MilkSync hasn't been working for you. Would it be possible to contact us so we could get some log details from you and help you resolve this?


Posted 9 months ago

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