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Problems with using milk sync on windows 8 -64 bit / Outlook 2013

michaela_ott Pro says:


- please excuse my bad english, i try my very best -

I have a sony tap with win 8 (64 bit version) - and outlook 2013 - and milk sync does not funcitoned - new lists didnt sync, new tasks from outlook to rtm only sometimes and not all...

I often read to start Milk Sync Options with a click with right mouse key - that doesnt functioned...

Can You help me?

Thanks an best regards,

M. Ott

Posted at 9:34pm on January 23, 2014

michaela_ott Pro says:

so...now a am a few steps furhter....i can start the options...but the problems are the same...in the log everything seems okay...but it doesnt functioned...


Posted 12 weeks ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi michaela_ott,
Sorry MilkSync hasn't been working for you. Would it be possible to contact us so we could get some log details from you and help you resolve this?


Posted 12 weeks ago

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