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Completed Recurring Tasks Keep Returning Overdue

danielcoomber says:

Hi all,

I am running MilkSync with Outlook 2010 in Windows XP and having a problem with recurring tasks. Sync is set to Auto, 2-way. The basic sync works; I have tested by creating tasks in Outlook/RTM and they do then appear in the other.

I have several tasks that are set up to recur weekly. Marking one of these as complete works fine, and it is removed from my to-do list with next week's showing there waiting for me.

However, on the day that the *next* recurrence of that task falls due, every single previous recurrence suddenly appears back in the to-do list as uncompleted/overdue with it's original due date.

I have tried completing every recurrence and deleting every recurrence but neither of these works, with the whole backlog reappearing every week.

Needless to say this is becoming more of a problem every week; the first time there was only one old recurrence to delete, but there's an extra one for each task each week...

Is this a problem that is known about or that others have spotted and found a fix for? Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Posted at 10:31am on June 5, 2013

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi Dan,
Can you contact us so we can discuss some specific steps for this issue to help clear it up? Thanks!

Posted 1 year ago

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