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Emails Flagged for Followup?

cmduke says:

MANY of the items on my task list in Outlook are emails that I have flagged for followup. Is there a way to make MilkSync include those items in the sync? Currently, the only items sync'ed are those items created in Outlook as native task list items.


Posted at 8:50pm on November 28, 2012

brendan Pro says:

Hi Chris,
At this time, MilkSync is not able to sync emails that have been flagged for followup, sorry. The problem is that, even though these tasks appear in your task list, Outlook doesn't actually create a task item for them.

This thread in our Ideas forum gives a bit more info on this. You can also vote for the feature there to show your support.

Posted 2 years ago

cmduke says:

Thanks. Sorry for the duplicate question. I did search forums for this idea and didn't notice that thread.


Posted 2 years ago

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