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RTM entry fields sync to OUTLOOK categories

ascim says:

Dear all,

I am a pro user and explicitly interested in the sync between rtm and outlook (2007).

Now after upgrading I see that not all different entry fields are synced to outlook or vice versa.

Please thoroughly comment this list of rtm entry fields whether they are synced with outlook (2007), to which category and if they are synced in both ways.

I did not found this information on the rtm website which I think is not fair for paying or willing to pay users.

(Task name, Notes and List is clear)
Time estimate

Thanks, David

Posted at 6:38am on September 4, 2012

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi David,
You can find the list of fields that do and don't sync and the details about how they work in MilkSync's FAQ, specifically under "Which task properties will be synchronized when using MilkSync?" (and the following question).

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions about those or if anything isn't syncing as described for you.

Posted 2 years ago

ascim says:

Hello Andrew,

I checked your link, but unfortunately there is not the answer to my question. I asked which RTM entry field is synced to what (name) category of outlook. There is only a list of RTM entry fields which are and which are not working with Outlook.

I especially have problems with the due date (thats not syncing at all) and the time estimate (which is only syncing from Outlook to RTM).

I am using a German Outlook 2007 version and the RTM IPhone app.

Thanks for your help!

Posted 2 years ago

brendan Pro says:

Hi David,
The "Due" field in Remember The Milk will sync to the "Due Date" field in Outlook, and the "Time Estimate" field will sync to Outlook's "Total Work" field. Both of these properties should be syncing in both directions.

If either field isn't syncing, can you contact us via email so we can take a look?


Posted 2 years ago

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