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How do people use MilkSync

rsepmg says:

Wondering how people use MilkSync. What is your workflow? Is it better to sync 2 way vs. 1 way?

I live in Outlook for email, use ClearContext to get to an empty inbox, have always found outlook task management limited. I would like to make tasks from email, use RTM with the flexibility of Smart Lists. Is it better to 1) just send the task to RTM by email and work in RTM for task management 2) send task to RTM and sync from RTM to Outlook to capture smart lists as categories in Outlook 3) make a task in Outlook and sync to RTM and use RTM for task management.

Learned a lot about RTM workflow from Tips and Tricks, but didn't see much about this; thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Posted at 12:31am on April 3, 2012

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