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[Feature Request] Select IF run on startup

rossgoodman Pro says:


I'm a laptop user and am not always on the internet and don't always have outlook running. The default install runs milksync on startup which then fires up Outlook every 15 minutes to complain that it can't connect.

I have a macro that runs when Outlook starts that will startup MilkSync (and GoogleCalendarSync) that way the sync only runs when the dependant applications and connectivity are in place.

Following every update to the MilkSync app I have to use msconfig.exe to disable the run on startup.

If it was possible to have a setting that persisted across installs that remembered if MilkSync should autostart that would be great.



Posted at 4:38pm on May 16, 2011

brendan Pro says:

Thanks for your feedback on this! I'll make sure the development team gets this for review.

Posted 3 years ago

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