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Sync hanging at 25% also...

jmr1 says:

I'm having the same problem as sue.sparkes. The sync just hangs at 25% (for hours). The difference is that I've never been able to sync. The log report seems to indicate a network error/server time out error.

Questions... Does Milksync attempt to send all completed tasks in Outlook to RTM? Is there a limit to how many completed tasks MilkSync can send from Outlook to RTM before the server starts to choke?

I ask because I have literally thousands of completed tasks in my Outlook (that I certainly do not need synced), but maybe this is the source of the problem?

Posted at 6:03pm on March 16, 2011

brendan Pro says:

Would it be possible to submit a MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook issue report via our support system, if you haven't done so already? We'll need to get more information so we can take a closer look.

Just select your issue from the list on the left, and follow the steps shown. If your issue isn't listed, click on "I'd like to report a new issue".

Your report should provide all the info that we need to investigate further, but we'll be in touch via email if we require any more details.


Posted 3 years ago

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