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Outlook Sync hangs at 25%

sue.sparkes says:

It was working fine this morning, last sync was 12:05 GMT. Now stuck at syncing progresds 25% for the last few hours, despite a computer restart.

I'd really like to go to the Pro Account for this, but don't really want to pay for something that isn't terribly reliable.

When it does work, its great!

Posted at 4:34pm on February 28, 2011

brendan Pro says:

If you haven't done so already, would it be possible to submit a MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook issue report via our support system?

Just select your issue from the list on the left, and follow the steps shown. If your issue isn't listed, click on "I'd like to report a new issue".

Your report should provide all the info that we need to investigate further, but we'll be in touch via email if we require any more details.


Posted 3 years ago

delaneym06 says:

I am having this same issue where my synching is stuck at 25% and then I get an error message stating that I should try again in a few minutes or contact the help team. Please advise.

Posted 3 years ago

brendan Pro says:

Would you be able to submit a MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook issue report via our support system as well? We'd love to take a closer look at what's going on.


Posted 3 years ago

wfindlay says:

Same issue here as well (I'll submit an issue report) and the worst part is that when I check Task Manager I see 4 or 5 instances of OUTLOOK.EXE running and my system is really bogged down.

Posted 2 years ago

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