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Tasks from Onenote and project, via Outlook to RTM

kerschus says:

Hi :-)

My tasks basically start from 3 different places:
1. as part of a project plan (in MS project) - these are then synced to MS outlook
2. as an output from a meeting (TO-DO and minutes are taken in One note) - these tasks are also synced to Outlook
3. from an email with a question, request or something like that (I then create a task in outlook from the email)

At the end of the day I go trough my "unsorted tasks" and give them categories and task (The GTD way)

For my life to be perfectly organized I just need a light-weight easy to use application that also works with my I phone, and if possible where I could share tasks and lists with other people.

And what do you know - Remember the milk is perfect for that!

I just have a few requests or questions -
1. when syncing MS project and outlook, a new task list is created in outlook. So my question is if RTM can sync from all lists in outlook, and not just one? If so, how do I make sure that they are all synced?
2. Have you (or Bob) considered making a list in outlook be a list in remember the milk, and then only use the categories as tags?
3. Have you considered adding an attachment option, starting/already have any collaboration with a file-sharing solution like Dropbox? I'm a big fan of integration things or just making it as easy as possible - so am just wondering :)

I have sent this to RTM by email, but am adding it here too, to see if there is anyone else with answers or requests like mine :)

Have a good one!

Posted at 1:12pm on January 7, 2011

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi D,
Currently, MilkSync only syncs with the Tasks folder in Outlook. Aside from that, we have no announcements about other features.

Thanks for your feedback!

Posted 3 years ago

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