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Just installed. I see nothing happening. Totally confused

dukeofcrydee says:

I downloaded the iPhone app today and setup reminders and a list. Paid for pro and installed MailSync for my Outlook 2007.

I wasn't sure what would happen, but looking online I assumed there would be a separate section in Outlook for RTM. Or perhaps it's supposed to integrated with Outlook's calendar reminders?

Either way, I installed MailSync, Sync'd it, but nothing happened. It says it completed but my iPhone app and Outlook reminders, and Outlook itself, look no different.

Am I missing something?

Posted at 1:57am on December 24, 2010

thomas.remensperger says:

Hi dukeofcrydee,

first of all: MilkSync syncs only Outlook TASKS with your RTM account, not calendar events.

If you've added a reminder to a task in OL, it will not be snced. See https://www.rememberthemilk.com/help/contact/support/?ctx=milksyncoutlook.reminders.reminders

I think, it's a good idea to read the help topics about milksync.

There you find also information about "sections" for RTM in Outlook, called "tags" in RTM, "categories" in Outlook.

Regards, Thomas

Posted 3 years ago

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