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Outlook sync - categories and tags vs lists

dkutz says:

I use outlook catagories to organize a large body of outlook tasks. I often assign a task to multiple categories, a mix of people-followups and GTD schemes.

I've read and experienced the outlook sync limitation of one RTM list per outlook task, which breaks my scheme above.

When sync'g outlook tasks to RTM, is there any way to map the categories to RTM tags instead of RTM lists? RTM allows one task to have multiple tags, which is what I'm looking for.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Posted at 9:21pm on December 10, 2010

smilepolice says:

Anyone with any ideas about this

Posted 3 years ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

As mentioned in our MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook FAQ,
Microsoft Outlook doesn't have built-in support for tags. To provide tag support with MilkSync, tags from Remember The Milk will sync as categories in Microsoft Outlook.

To distinguish tags from lists (which also sync as categories), each tag name is pre-fixed with a "#" in Microsoft Outlook i.e., the tag errand from Remember The Milk will show as the category #errand in Microsoft Outlook.

To create a new tag within Microsoft Outlook, simply create a new category and start the name with a "#". When you sync with MilkSync, this category name will automatically become a tag in Remember The Milk.

So this should be working, with lists and tags synced as Outlook categories (just with tags starting with a "#").

Hope this helps!

Posted 3 years ago

derekh4 Pro says:

So this doesn't apply to MilkSync for Blackberry only for Outlook? The FAQ for Blackberry doesn't address "tags" and should probably mention that tags are not supported in MilkSync for Blackberry.

Posted 3 years ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Yes, this only applies to MilkSync for Outlook currently.

Thanks for your feedback!

Posted 3 years ago

danuwaanalihi says:

does not work on outlook for me. only 1 category per task - list. # - not single one avaiIable coming from tags... help please...

Posted 3 years ago

brendan Pro says:

Would it be possible to submit a MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook issue report via our support system, if you haven't done so already?

Just select your issue from the list on the left, and follow the steps shown. If your issue isn't listed, click on "I'd like to report a new issue".

Your report should provide all the info that we need to investigate further, but we'll be in touch via email if we require any more details.


Posted 3 years ago

zeebacca says:

For the record, alleging that "Microsoft Outlook doesn't have built-in support for tags" is misstating the situation. Indeed, Outlook Categories function very much like tags. The real issue is that Outlook doesn't have any list functionality.

A cleaner implementation of the Outlook Milksync would have lists mapped to Task sub-folders and tags mapped to categories. The default Outlook task folder would map to the RTM Inbox and all other lists would map to sub-folders. That would be optimal.

Posted 3 years ago

brendan Pro says:

Thanks for your feedback! We appreciate it.

Posted 3 years ago

ideler says:

zeebacca is spot on with his conclusion. This also helps to reduce the overcrowded Outlook category list.

Posted 3 years ago

alexander.mutsaers says:

I agree with comments above that the category list gets over crowded and therefor unusable.

RTM should think about adding a tagging feature to MilkSync and ADD functionality to Outlook - much like Taglocity...

Or maybe Taglocity syncing?

Posted 3 years ago

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