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Sync Outlook Notes in next release?

jan.sefcik says:

I am keen on purchasing RTM, however I would very much like to know if you're going to integrate Outlook Notes in the next release? It would be just perfect to have notes also synced and fully visible in Android RTM. Any chance? Most sync products will keep contacts/calendar in sync on Android, however having RTM syncing tasks/notes would be a perfect companion.

Thank you,

Posted at 11:59am on December 9, 2010

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi Jan,

We don't have any plans to sync with the notes feature in Microsoft Outlook at this time, sorry. :(

If it helps, we do support syncing your Remember The Milk notes with the description field in Outlook. If that sounds helpful, we have some more info about how it works in the FAQ -- see "How are notes for tasks handled by MilkSync?" under Synchronization.

Hope this helps.

Posted 3 years ago

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