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Can I sync with Exchange Server?

danrofohio says:

I have been trying to solve a problem, and I thought RTM Pro would do that, now that I've purchased it, I'm not sure. I use Microsoft Exchange/Outlook at work, and I want to sync with an Android smart phone. That works great for the calendar and e-mail, but not the tasks. So, I purchased RTM Pro to sync the tasks. However, it looks like MilkSync only syncs with desktop versions of Outlook, not Exchange. Can someone please tell me if that's true?

Posted at 4:30am on December 1, 2010

thomas.remensperger says:

Yes, it's true. :)

MilkSync doesn't conntect to your Exchange Server. It's only a client application that synchronizes your local Outlook task store with your web account. That means, everytime a task is added, edited or deleted in Outlook on your machine, MilkSync get's notified and pushes the change to your online account.

Regards, Thomas

Posted 3 years ago

danrofohio says:


Posted 3 years ago

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