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Cannot uninstall Milksync for Outlook

iamscottiew Pro says:

I am trying to uninstall Milksync for Outlook but the uninstaller is looking for MilkSyncSetup.msi on my computer and cannot find it. It's probable that I deleted it after the install so now I just need help in getting around this to complete the uninstall.

I've submitted to RTM 3 separate requests via email and 2 via Twitter and have yet to get a response so I'm hoping that this avenue may provide better results.

Posted at 3:30pm on November 12, 2010

dgcombs says:

Hmmm... could you download it from the RTM website?

If I remember correctly, the default option for MilkSync was to "fix" the current install. You might want to check that you're really *uninstalling* the software. I ran into that a couple weeks ago when uninstalling to get a fresh start.
-- Dan

Posted 4 years ago

iamscottiew Pro says:

I just tried again. I downloaded 1.0.11 from RTM website and ran the installer. There is no option to fix the current install (which for me is 1.0.10) or to uninstall, it just tries to install the newer version.

It gets all the way through the install to the point where it tries to uninstall the prior version that I have installed 1.0.10. At that point it still looks for the MilkSyncSetup.msi file but because it cannot find it, it rolls back the install.

Perhaps you can make a copy of the 1.0.10 version available to me so that I can install that and see if it will fix my install?

Posted 4 years ago

iamscottiew Pro says:

Update: I found a copy of version 1.0.10 and ran through the installer on that version. Same result. It got nearly through and then again prompted me to locate MilkSyncSetup.msi. I was forced to cancel, which rolled back the install.

So I'm still at square one and looking for help.

Posted 4 years ago

tylerman007 says:

Same problem for me here.... do you find how to resolve it ?

Posted 3 years ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Sorry for the delay in replying here.

mn10bikr, tylerman007, anyone else experiencing this problem:
Would it be possible to submit a MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook issue report via our support system, if you haven't done so already?

Just select your issue from the list on the left, and follow the steps shown. If your issue isn't listed, click on "I'd like to report a new issue".

Your report should provide all the info that we need to investigate further, but we'll be in touch via email if we require any more details.


Posted 3 years ago

metalhero Pro says:

Same issue here.
The RTM instructions for uninstalling in the FAQ are only valid for windows XP as there is no such thing as "Add or remove programs" in vista or 7.
May I suggest making previous installer packages available to users so they can download the missing .msi file as required by the windows uninstaller. I realise it didn't work for mm10bikr, but still wouldn't hurt to try.

Posted 3 years ago

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