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MilkSync for BlackBerry Sync Bug re: Categories

lisa.derek says:

There appears to be a bug in the MilkSync BlackBerry application relating to syncing and categories.


Let's say I have two categories:

"Work" - not synced with RTM
"Home" - synced with RTM

Bug Occurrence:

If I create a task and put it in both "Work" and "Home" on the BlackBerry it will appear in RTM under the "Home" list. If I then go into the BlackBerry tasks attributes and remove it from "Home" so it is in "Work" only (a non-synced list with RTM) this is effectively a "delete" from RTM point of view. However, the task will still appear in RTM under the "Home" list. Now, this wouldn't be so bad, so it orphanced the task, no big deal. If I go into "Home" in RTM and delete the task (thinking that it's just an orphaned task) it will delete it from the BlackBerry completely. So this means that RTM just modified a task that was not in a synced category. I lost about 50 tasks this way, luckily I had a backup of my BB tasks and I could recover them.

Posted at 1:19pm on October 29, 2010

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