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Adding Notes on iPhone app - too easy to 'Cancel'

tismey says:

It's far too easy to accidentally catch the 'Cancel' button when editing notes on the iPhone app, especially if using the landscape mode for editing because you only have room for a couple of lines of text in the text area. I have caught the 'cancel' button a couple of times when trying to scroll the text area.

In fact I'm not sure it should have a 'Cancel' button at all. If you look at the built-in Notes app, it assumes that you will want to save your note - there is no 'Cancel'. If you accidentally create a note then it's an easy to delete it. I'd rather create a note, then have to delete it than spend 10 minutes making notes, only to accidentally hit 'Cancel' and lose them.

Posted at 4:16pm on March 13, 2009

jplumey says:

+1 I agree. Happens to me all the time.

Posted 5 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Hey tismey,

Just wanted to say thanks for your feedback -- we'll check into this. (We might be able to confirm the cancellation for the opposite case of where someone has edited a note but realised they don't wish to save their changes.)

Posted 5 years ago

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