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Will there ever be an update?

binaryeric says:

Will there ever be an update to the iPhone app? I see a lot of users sharing their frustrations and requesting features but I don't see any results from these discussions since Dec 12th, 2008...

Perhaps the RTM team believes in major releases only rather than pushing out smaller and more frequent updates, but 3 months of no updates in computer years feels so long!

Bob? Anything coming soon? :)

Posted at 5:46pm on March 12, 2009

supehoope says:

yes....a passcode facility would be nice.

Posted 5 years ago

chriswitt says:

Yes, any indication that the app hasn't been abandoned would be nice. It somewhat feels that way...

Posted 5 years ago

jplumey says:

+1 yes. It's been months now and nothing from RTM on the app. What was the point in upgrading to Pro?

Posted 5 years ago

richstyles says:

What on earth is happening with RTM on the iPhone? I've got to admit the first pass on the iphone app is better than most apps that start out trash and increment up with bug fixes and enhancements. Still, the lack of communication lately is a bit disheartening.

There's still a lot to improve even before the big iPhone 3.0 this summer.

I know you guys are overworked and must be going through issues but at least let us know what's going on with a blog post or something about the current state of affairs.

Posted 5 years ago

jplumey says:

Nothing. Pathetic.

Posted 5 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Hey all,

Just wanted to say that we really appreciate everyone's feedback in these forums -- the iPhone app most definitely hasn't been abandoned. :)

Posted 5 years ago

davidscottweaver says:

Emily, a million thank you's for your recent activity on the forums!!! I have tried about every iPhone task app available, and rtm is by far the most flexable due to the smartlists. My concern was the lack of response, and it's wonderful to see that has turned a corner! Lovin' it!

Posted 5 years ago

ajcooper says:

@davidscottweaver - not sure how one comment is turning the corner, maybe there's a heap more that I haven't seen.

@emily - give us something soon, please! Anything, really, an update to the core product or the iPhone app. Change the icon colour, rename a list, add an irrelevent preference flag (tongue firmly in cheek here). Just show us that it's been touched. Gmail updates can't be all you're looking at. Thank you. The end.

Seriously, all these users bitching and moaning about RTM and threatening to leave (me included) are doing it because we love you. We don't want to go, we like it here ;-)

Posted 5 years ago

davidscottweaver says:

aj, if you read the other forum areas, Emily's replies are all over the place from the last few days, so I wasn't just referring to the one line here. And it was encouraging to see it was more than the cut and paste "If you haven't already, could you submit a support request..."

I'm hoping for the best here.

Posted 5 years ago

amswitzer says:


Give us a break. We have been ignored and our requests and concerns have been left to dwindle in the forums. There are several threads in various forums where paid users are opening commenting about how they have left, are leaving, or are consider leaving due to a complete lack of communication and enhancements. RTM has allowed those threads to fester for over two weeks with no response.

RTM has a major credibility issue here.

This nonsense that the iPhone app is being worked on is crap. Nothing has been done on anything around here for months. And everyone's attempts to obtain some feedback from RTM has been ignored.

Posted 5 years ago

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