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iphone/ipod sync to "Calendar"

jasonrozen says:

Is there a way to send the tasks on my ipod directly to my Calendar on the ipod?

Posted at 5:57pm on February 18, 2009

dan.julian says:

Make sure they are in your Google calendar and sync it with your ipod as per the instructions on Google's site.

Posted 5 years ago

krissy Pro says:

Hi jasonrozen,

We don't currently offer the ability to sync with the Calendar application on the iPhone or iPod touch.

You may be able to use iCalendar to subscribe to a read-only feed of your tasks in iCal: http://www.rememberthemilk.com/help/answers/icalendar/appleical.rtm

(See the 'Showing tasks on the calendar in iCal' part for how to get the tasks to show on a calendar.)

Then, you can sync your iCal with your iPod and the subscription should transfer across (note that it will still be read-only; any changes in the Calendar app on the iPod won't sync back to RTM).

Hope this answers your question.

Posted 5 years ago

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