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RTM, MilkSync, iTouch, Exchange

gjkozak says:

Is there anyway RTM can sync with Exchange from an iTouch/iPhone?

Thanks. Greg.

Posted at 2:50pm on February 5, 2009

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

There is enormous desire for Exchange sync - just look for the Outlook threads. As of now, I am now aware of any solution. An iPod touch can sync with Exchange, but RTM cannot on the other end.

While MilkSync may not accomplish what you are after, a Pro membership gives you access to the iPhone app, which works like a charm on the touch. I use it daily. Does that help, at all?

Posted 5 years ago

gjkozak says:

Thanks much for your reply. I really need an Exchange solution and was hoping RTM was my answer. I'll keep waiting for a MilkSync solution. Thanks much!!!

Posted 5 years ago

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